UK Handmade Peony Essential Oil Diffuser & Bubble Coaster Set| Personalised ThankYou Gift|Unique Eco Home Fragrance for Mum,Teachers,Friends



    This Peony Flower Essential Oil Diffuser & Bubble Coaster Set is the perfect choice for all the special people in your life. Whether it’s for mum, sisters, auntie, girlfriends, mother-in-law, or teachers at the end of the school year, this set makes a thoughtful and heartfelt thank-you gift.



    Looking for the ideal gift to express your gratitude and appreciation? Look no further! This Peony Flower Essential Oil Diffuser & Bubble Coaster Set is the perfect choice for all the special people in your life. Whether it’s for mum, sisters, auntie, girlfriends, mother-in-law, or teachers at the end of the school year, this set makes a thoughtful and heartfelt thank-you gift.


    Make your gift even more meaningful by personalising it! Choose from the drop-down menu to select the perfect peony and coaster colour combination that suits their or your style and preferences. With a personalised touch, your gift will be as unique and special as the recipient’s.
    Show your love and appreciation with this beautiful and practical gift that they’ll cherish for years to come.


    For Mum
    Show your appreciation with a unique and elegant gift.
    For Sisters & Aunties
    Celebrate their special moments with a personalised touch.
    For Wives, Girlfriends & Mother-in-Law
    Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because.
    For Teachers
    A perfect end-of-year thank-you gift or for Teacher Appreciation Week.
    For Friends
    Perfect for birthdays, friendship anniversaries, or just to show you care.
    For Colleagues/Bosses
    Great as thank-you gifts for support, mentorship, or during the holiday season.
    For Caregivers/Nannies
    Show gratitude for their care and dedication with a thoughtful gift.
    For Nurses/Healthcare Workers
    A token of appreciation for their hard work and care.


    Eco-Friendly Material:
    Each Peony and coaster is individually hand-poured from Jesmonite, a concrete-like material known for its eco-conscious properties.

    Functional Design:
    Modern and elegant, this set serves as both decor and a passive diffuser, perfect for any occasion.

    Perfect Gift:
    Whether for birthdays, surprises, or Thank-You gifts, it’s a memorable and versatile option.


    Peony – 8cm x 4cm;
    Bubble Coaster – 13.5cm Diameter, 2cm thickness

    Care Instructions Highlights:
    Essential Oil Application:
    Apply 3 to 5 drops of your favorite essential oil onto the center of the flower for a delightful aroma experience.
    Surface Protection:
    Safeguard your surfaces by placing the diffuser on the included coaster to prevent stains and damage.
    Routine Maintenance:
    Repeat essential oil application every 3 days for consistent fragrance.
    For detailed care instructions, please see below.

    Lovingly packed in eco-friendly materials, ready for gifting, and shipped securely to your doorstep.


    Gentle Aroma Diffusion:
    Ideal for sensitive noses, offering subtle fragrance without intensity.

    Safe & Convenient:
    Enjoy aromatherapy worry-free, even away from home. No electricity or water is needed!

    Bring the benefits of aromatherapy to workspaces without disturbance.

    Versatile Use:
    Perfect for scenting small spaces.

    Colour Options:
    Choose from many colour options, including classic black and white, grounding neutrals, or soft pastels.


    Sustainability Priority:
    I prioritise sustainability with plastic-free packaging and reuse the packing materials whenever possible.

    Processing & Shipping:
    Orders are processed within 1-3 business days, and UK shipping is via Royal Mail Tracked 48h. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your gift will arrive swiftly and securely.


    Quality Assurance:
    While I do not accept returns for handmade items, I promptly address any issues related to damage or defects.

    Replacement Process:
    If your items arrive damaged, I provide replacements along with a prepaid return envelope for damaged items.

    Thank you for choosing Yeso Studio for your home decor needs. Your support fuels my passion for creating handmade Jesmonite products that enhance your living space.
    Enjoy your purchase!


    Essential Oil Application:
    Add 3 to 5 drops of your favourite essential oil to the centre of the flower. Allow it to sit for a few minutes to absorb the scent. Note that absorption time may vary depending on the type of oil used.
    Use only a few drops of essential oil at a time to prevent over-saturation, as excessive oil may not absorb properly.

    Surface Protection:
    Always place the flower on a coaster or chosen plate. If you’ve purchased only the flower, be sure to secure it on a plate or coaster to safeguard your surfaces against unwanted leaks and stains. Direct contact of essential oils with furniture may cause damage.

    Find a suitable spot for your Peony Stone Diffuser and coaster in a well-ventilated area. This ensures that the aroma can circulate gently, filling your space with delightful fragrance.

    Routine Maintenance:
    For optimal results, repeat the essential oil application every 3 days. This regular maintenance ensures a consistent and enjoyable aromatic experience.
    Note on Oil Selection:

    Darker oils may stain the light stone flower. If concerned about staining, consider choosing a darker colour variant of the flower stone.
    By following these care instructions, you’ll prolong the life of your Peony Stone Essential Oil Diffuser & Coaster Set and ensure a delightful aromatic experience. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to reach out. Enjoy your fragrant journey!


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