A goodbye letter to randombeibei

Today, as the clock’s hands gently ticked away on October 4th, 2023, I found myself standing at the crossroads of destiny, bidding a fond adieu to a journey that had been my constant companion for nearly two enchanting years – the mystical realm of randombeibei.

It was a day that had been foretold through countless messages of inquiry, as curious as the fluttering wings of owls, seeking answers to the impending hiatus. Little did I know that this moment would stir emotions within me that even a powerful wizard might envy. For the alchemy of effort I had poured into this venture had yielded results far beyond my wildest dreams.

In this tale of farewell to randombeibei, I shall weave a tapestry not just of melancholy but also of joy and a glimpse into the intriguing tapestry of my future.

1. Why did I embark on this magical odyssey? Was it purely for the allure of gold?

The year 2021 was a time shrouded in shadows, where my journey to grasp the elusive IELTS and my aspirations of voyaging into the world of academia were thwarted by the cruel hand of destiny. My dreams crumbled like a castle of sand against the tide, leaving me desolate and adrift.

The desire to embark on a mystical journey overseas, I now realize, was an attempt to escape the mundane realities that ensnared me. I sought a new dawn, a chance to unfold new chapters of my life. Yet, the truth lay in my lack of financial means, and my academic prowess was not enough to summon the elusive scholarships that danced beyond my reach. Raised in a household steeped in tradition, and educated in a conventional environment, I felt as ordinary as a pebble on a gravel path.

I wept, tears like liquid silver, my heart aching with despair. Lost in the labyrinth of my own thoughts, I had no answers, no guiding stars. It was in the darkest hour of my existence that I yearned for something to rekindle my spirit. And so, I made a fateful decision to venture into the realm of fashion, for the love of beauty itself.

Intricately designed garments had always held me in their thrall, a passion born of childhood dreams unfulfilled. I, who had rarely possessed the garments of my desires, now felt an irresistible urge to create something unique. Countless hours were devoted to mastering the art of packaging design and crafting listings, marking the inception of my journey on Shopee. With meticulous precision, I conjured enchanting listings that bewitched a certain clientele. But with the weight of responsibilities becoming increasingly onerous, I sought the assistance of a loyal friend, L. To this dear friend, I owe a debt of gratitude that knows no bounds.

Throughout this enchanting journey, my guiding star remained unaltered. My goal was not to chase the golden dragon of wealth. For I was aware that I possessed a trove of diverse talents that could summon wealth from the depths of the earth. Instead, I chose to create a venture that would not only deliver value to my patrons but also aid them in their personal quests for self-discovery. Yet, the significance of wealth in sustaining and nurturing a business was not lost on me; it was simply not my paramount concern. And so, after two years of ceaseless toil, I chose to relinquish my grip on this mystical realm.

2. Why did I part ways when the stars of success were in alignment? Was I but a foolish wanderer?

In the ethereal month of February 2023, my shop vanished like a whisper in the wind, a result of transgressions against Shopee’s ancient decrees. My kingdom, once flourishing with 7,000 organic followers, now lay in ruins, bereft of all enchantment.

This was not my first encounter with such turmoil, for in the annals of 2021, I had previously lost my shop when it held close to 1,000 followers. But like a phoenix from the ashes, I had resurrected it, its splendor renewed. Then, in the year 2022, the shop was stolen from me once more.

It was my innate obstinacy, my ironclad determination, that often led to my moments of respite. This cessation, too, had a purpose woven into its very fabric. For it is in these moments of stillness that we find the seeds of greater destinies.

The year 2023 unfolded as a profound lesson in profit and revenue, a conundrum I was ill-prepared to decipher. It was through collaboration with my companion, K, that I gleaned the wisdom of the ages. The essence of my realization lay in the shallowness of my understanding of business. This lack of knowledge led me to choose a partner ill-suited to my needs, for how could I discern compatibility when I lacked self-awareness?

I believed that collaboration with a skilled comrade would suffice, but my expectations soared higher than the highest tower of Hogwarts. I found myself unable to bear the weight of myriad responsibilities, from packaging spells to the intricacies of marketing. I was in dire need of comrades, masters of their respective crafts.

To truly grasp my ambitions, I needed to unravel the mysteries of scaling, sales enchantments, financial sorcery, human resource conjurations, negotiations, collaborations, alliances, recruitment, and mergers. I needed to possess a spellbook that held knowledge of every arcane art, rather than relying solely on intuition.

In the company of my first partner, I came to understand that my choice had been tainted by self-doubt, an ailment borne from my own ignorance. Such doubts did not lay a solid foundation for any business endeavor.

3. What lies in the enchanted tapestry of my future?

Recognizing the gaps in my knowledge, I embarked on a quest to unravel the mysteries of business and entrepreneurship. Even now, I continue to labor diligently, seeking to infuse every morsel of wisdom into my forthcoming venture. I promise to share more arcane insights when the stars are aligned and the potion of case study is brewed to perfection.

As for randombeibei, I may have to bid a temporary farewell. Yet, fear not, for this does not signal the end of its existence. My ultimate ambition is to let randombeibei thrive independently, with my guidance no longer a constant presence. I shall no longer be its ever-present companion, but its essence shall endure.

4. A message to my future self and to those who still dwell in the shadows of self-doubt

“It’s not the end. It’s not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” – Winston Churchill

Throughout my journey, I have tirelessly strived to please others, to excel in all things. Today marks the first time I have taken a step for myself, albeit with a sprinkle of consideration for others, without bowing to the expectations of external forces.

This is a testament to my strength, an affirmation of my capacity to evolve further, to face challenges of epic proportions. To traverse the impending darkness, I must seek greater enlightenment. The messages that reach me, inquisitive and filled with curiosity, fill my heart with radiant joy.

May the future unveil the knowledge and wisdom I seek, may I mature to a point where I can assist many more souls in their journeys.

If any of you are intrigued by my saga of crafting randombeibei single-handedly and the mystical lessons I’ve learned in the realm of fashion, please do not hesitate to share your thoughts below. (Though you may abstain if you believe this tale to be a mere trifle for any ambitious soul to emulate.) 🐻‍❄️